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Who's collaging?

You ever in the mood for a creative or artsy project to do on a weekend, or to try for the first time with a friend? We put together a whole bunch of random, pre-cut images for you to put together your very own collages!

Each kit is unique in its own way and contains recycled images from magazines, books, tea packages, cereal packages, brochures, flyers, school workbooks, and more. In the process of putting together a beautiful piece with the material you have, you exercise your mind and empower your creative side. 

In each kit you will find:
-50 pieces of images and headlines
-5 large sized images
-a small baggy of small words/phrases to build your own poem
-3 pieces of white cardstock for your canvas
-a page of helpful tips to get you started

Our kits do not include scissors or glue.