My name is Alexa and I am a writer, singer, poet, collage artist, DIY creator, and cat mom. I love playing my ukulele, but sometimes I play the guitar. I have a strange obsession with decluttering and organizing and reorganizing my home. I travel a lot, eat a lot, listen a lot, and write a lot. I have a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from Hunter College and a master’s degree in Creative Writing from CCNY. Before I quit my job to commit to this full time, I used to work in food establishments, I taught math, English, and [Catholic] religious education to young children, and I even had a position handwriting on Christmas ornaments. 

I created Queso with this goal to encourage artistic expression among people from different walks of life, to share ways of creating a lifestyle that brings peace, and to promote sustainability for a clean environment. 

Queso’s early beginning was kind of a funny story, actually. Initially it started out as an idea to build a creative community with a blog site. But amid the notorious lockdown of 2020, my tech-savvy boyfriend helped me create an online clothing shop called Queso. For some reason I thought that it would be a successful online business but I kind of went into it blindly, with no experience designing and marketing clothing. 

It took me about 2 years to realize that an online clothing store was not the mood for me. I needed to create with my hands and my words. Being crafty with paper and paint and especially writing is just something that comes naturally to me. And most of all, sharing my passions for DIY and collage, and having lengthy conversations about art with friends was super fulfilling to me, and I knew that there’s a crowd of people out there who need this too, or are at least interested in partaking in the conversation.

It was then I understood that a person like me was not cut out for the regular 9-5 life. It was a calling for me to create this blog site and to share my love of all this stuff with you and I truly am grateful that you discovered Queso. I hope you find something here that resonates with you.

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