How to Spring Clean Your Home

How to Spring Clean Your Home

Cleaning your home is crucial to maintain a sanitary and healthy living space for yourself, the people who live with you, and/or any guests who may visit. With a packed life and busy work schedules, many of us cut down our cleaning routine to the essentials such as washing dishes and sweeping the floors, and that’s totally fine and normal! But it’s also important to make time to deep clean your home at least once a year, even if it means taking an hour each day of the week to get through all the tasks. 

Now I don’t want you to get confused between cleaning and decluttering. By spring cleaning I’m talking about getting rid of all the dirt and dust and germs accumulated in your home over time. On the other hand, decluttering is more focused on getting rid of items in your home to create more space, which is a totally different topic that I will be getting to in a future blog post. 

But anyway! Back to our main discussion: spring cleaning! I will warn you, it will take a lot of energy and it will be dirty, but by the end of all your hard work, you will be able to live and breathe so much easier in your own clean space. How delicious! Here are some helpful reminders and tips to help you get started on your spring cleaning.


Before you start cleaning your room it’s super important to keep these in mind: 

  • Always wear your mask and gloves.
  • Plan ahead to dust your room on the same day you plan to change your bed sheets.
  • Always remember to start from the top and work your way down.
  • Put all stray items away before dusting the room.

To dust your room all you really need is a bucket of warm water with mild soap, and what us Filipinos call- a basahan, which is essentially a cleaning rag or cloth. You’ll want to make sure your basahan is damp, and not too soaked. Usually I like to prepare 2-3 basahans and rotate them as I clean because they get really gross over time.To save money from buying a cloth or rag at the store, you can simply use an old shirt or long sock to dust your home. You can also use disinfectant spray if you have it. 

Wearing gloves and using disinfectant spray will be helpful for your spring cleaning.

After all your things have been put away, you can begin dusting your room. As we mentioned earlier, start from the top, and work your way down. When you dust the ceiling and top corners, you’re directing all the dust to move towards the ground. When I was a kid, I would waste time cleaning by starting with my desk and shelves first. Then, I would work my way up to the ceiling only to see all the dust from up top fall right back on the desk and shelves. So trust me, you will save time by starting with whatever is above your head first, like your high shelves, the ceiling fan, the top corners of your room, etc. And when everything in the room has been dusted, you can simply vacuum, sweep, mop, or swifter all that accumulated dust away.

As for the bedsheets, the same process applies. All the dust from the ceiling will fall on whatever is below it, including a bed. This is why I emphasized earlier the importance of dusting your room the same day you plan to change your beddings. Let the dust fall on those dirty sheets, so that by the time you’re done dusting your room, you can just throw those dusty sheets/blankets in the wash. Trust me, you don’t want old dust scattered all over your fresh, clean bedding. 

If you have curtains, take them down and replace them with clean curtains while you send the dusty curtains out for dry cleaning. Try to shake away as much dust as you can outside before you send them off to the cleaners. Be sure to wipe down the windows and window sills before putting up the clean curtains. If you have blinds, you can go ahead and wipe down your blinds with your basahan. Don’t forget to wipe your vents as well!

When dusting your room, be sure to remove all the little knick knacks, picture frames, plants, and other stuff on display so that you can wipe them down, and the shelves too. Then return all the items neatly back in place after all the surfaces have been cleaned. This process is much easier and faster if you don’t have many items out on display. Consider decluttering your belongings along the way by putting unwanted items to the side to sell or donate. 

If you’re like me and have way more plushies than you need, throw your soft friends into a laundry-safe or mesh zip bag, and give them a ride in the washing machine. After their spa day, leave them out to dry outside or in a well ventilated place.


As time goes on, we sometimes forget about the random food in the backs of our fridges and cabinets, and we don’t realize how quickly crumbs add up on our kitchen counters and floors, or how much oil has accumulated over our stoves. 

Sweep and mop the floors after you've already cleaned the ceiling and walls.

Deep clean your hood range above your stove. Grease builds up over time and eventually gets more difficult to clean. When we take the time to clean our hood range regularly, we prolong its life and it will be easier to clean off the residue each time. I usually use a mixture of warm water and mild soap to scrub the range. 

To clean the microwave, mix water, baking soda, and dishwashing liquid to a bowl. Microwave it for about 5 minutes and let it sit in the microwave for an extra 5 minutes. Take out the turntable, hand wash it, and let it dry. Then use a sponge and the mixture to scrub the insides of your microwave.

If you have the strength to move a refrigerator and stove, then you should go ahead and move those so you can clean underneath and wipe out any crumbs that may attract unwanted little friends.

Now let’s get inside that fridge! Clear your counter and take everything out of the fridge. Separate your items into categories: stuff you’ll be keeping, trash, and if you usually compost your waste, leave space for your compost material (unwanted vegetables, bread, used ground coffee and used tea bags). Once everything in your fridge has found its designated category, you can return all the kept items in your fridge, toss the trash/expired items, and send the compost material to your local greenery or farmer’s market to be composted. Follow the same process with the items in your freezer and pantry. 

Wipe down all the counters and remember to leave the sweeping and mopping for the very end, after it has already collected all the dust and crumbs from the rest of the room. 


Our bathrooms are known to hold the most germs out of all the other rooms in the house, and it should actually be cleaned way more often than once a year. When it comes to the bathroom I prefer to use disposable disinfecting wipes rather than rags/basahan because in the bathroom, it’s more than just dust we’re cleaning. Remember to clean from the top down, that means following this order, or a similar order: Dust the ceiling and corners first, windex the mirrors, scrub the tiled walls, clean the sink, clean the toilet and tub, then clean the floor last.

Remove everything off the shelves, cabinets, and surfaces so that you can wipe down everything the same way we did in the bedroom. Go through your medicine cabinet and discard any expired medicine and/or beauty supplies.

After all your hard work, you can enjoy a fresh and clean home.

Scrub the bathtub/shower and tiles because soap scum build up is just not cute at all. My go-to tools for this area of the bathroom are a sponge, a toothbrush (for in between the tiles and small crevices), and powdered bleach. Be sure to rinse everything well so that you don’t leave any powdered bleach on the surfaces. My friend, Denise, also suggests spraying pine sol in the bathroom after every shower for that fresh scent feeling. 

Don’t forget to clean your shower curtain! I know I mentioned not to use a basahan for this particular room of the house, but in the case of the shower curtain, you can clean it with a wet and soapy rag, then let it air dry outside. You can also replace it with a clean shower curtain so that you can rotate them once in a while.

Now to the part we all hate the most– the toilet. Grab your toilet cleaner and toilet brush cleaner and scrub the insides of the bowl well, especially the nook right underneath the rim. That’s probably by far the nastiest part of the toilet, so be sure to clean that well. When you’re done with the inside of the toilet, sanitize the toilet brush by spraying a generous amount of disinfectant spray, or you can add ¼ cup of bleach to your (cleaned) toilet and let the brush sit and soak in it for about an hour. Then, rinse, dry, and put it away. Make sure to also clean the brush handle with a fresh disinfectant wipe. 

Now to the other parts of the toilet. I never use a basahan when cleaning the toilet. I always use disinfecting wipes to clean the toilet seat lid– front and back. Use a new wipe to clean the seat itself, again, front and back. Another fresh wipe for the exterior of the bowl, and one more fresh wipe for the rim of the bowl. 

When cleaning the bathroom you also want to thoroughly disinfect the commonly touched areas such as the light switch, the flush handle, the sink handles, and door handles. 

Throw the bathroom mats in the wash and replace them with a clean set. Do the same for the towels, except I usually separate these loads from being washed together. And if you use a drying cloth to dry your hands, don’t forget to throw that in the wash and put out a fresh one.

After the whole room has been cleaned, you can sweep, mop, and let the bathroom floor dry. 

You deserve to breathe in a clean livingroom.


Cleaning the living room is similar to cleaning the bedroom. Put any stray items away to their designated area such as documents, books, toys, etc. Then work from the top of the room, downwards to the floor. Clean the curtains and shelves as mentioned in the bedroom section of this blog. Vacuums are great for cleaning dust or animal dander off the couch. Be sure to vacuum the pillows and each cushion individually. 

Gently wipe down your entertainment system as well with a very damp rag. You don't want to risk damaging anything with a wet cloth. Gently sanitize any remote controls or game controllers as well. If you have media items lying around, like books, video games, movies, and board games, be sure to wipe those down as well. 

Your rug may want some fresh air too! Vacuum it if possible, if it’s one of those rugs that don’t like the vacuum, you can take it outside and beat as much dust out of it as you can. Scrub and let it dry under the sun if it is not safe for machine washing. If possible, move aside your couches to clean underneath it. 

Sweep, mop, and wait for the floor to dry completely before returning the rug. 

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog site today. I can’t tell you how lengthy it can be to write, edit, edit again, and post my blogs. I really enjoy writing for you and I hope you got a lot out of these spring cleaning tips and hacks. Enjoy your day!

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