Jora - LIC Food Review 2022

Jora - LIC Food Review 2022

My friends and I decided to eat Peruvian food to celebrate Galentine’s Day. So we went to Jora, which was a short walk from the 7 train, and not too far from the LIC piers. When we arrived, the restaurant was dimly lit by the candles and only a handful of tables were occupied. The restaurant is made up of many rooms and we were quickly seated in one of the middle sections. The wait time was way shorter than the last time I was at Jora- a Saturday evening in July with my family took about 15-20 minutes long. This was my 4th time dining in this Peruvian restaurant and I was very excited because I had to return for their Lomo Saltado- a juicy, saucy, chopped sirloin with red onion and fries. 

I felt so at ease just seeing the beautiful plants by the windows, and the Peruvian decor on the walls. Our table was complete with small plates, cutlery rolled neatly in cloth napkins, and a framed QR code at the center of the table. I honestly don’t remember if the server told us how to find the menu with the QR code, but luckily, we were already familiar with this system. 

Crispy Causa Balls, an appetizer from Jora.

To start, my friends and I ordered the Crispy Causa Balls and we were impressed with the presentation. Topped with a small portion of grilled chicken salad and greens, each potato ball was perfectly crisp on the outside and warm and soft on the inside. It was my first time trying the Crispy Causa Balls and I was far from disappointed. They sat on a dish of a yellow sauce that melted in your mouth, along with scattered pieces of roasted corn. This dish was all about texture and I loved that the corn gave me that extra little crunch among the softness of the potato. 

For our entree, we shared the Jalea, which is my go-to for any Peruvian restaurant. It’s basically like fried calamari but way better because they throw in red onions, some yucca, shrimp, fish, and a side of aji amarillo tartar sauce. It is incredibly hard to share this dish- it is just THAT good. Normally I avoid yucca because the texture is a bit weird to me, but it paired so well with the fried seafoods and onions, and especially the dipping sauce it came with.

Our entrees from Jora were Lomo Saltado, a steak dish with onions, peppers, and fries; and Jalea, a fried calamari dish with onions.

And again, that Lomo Saltado was to die for. According to my friend Nicole, who ate there for the first time, “The steak was the performer of the show with its juicy, tender, appearance. If you are a meat-lover, you will 100% love this bad boy.” The onions were sautéed perfectly and the thick cut french fries balanced out the flavors.

When our plates were taken away, I was pleased that they were able to wipe clean the messy crumbs that were left behind, and that they were able to provide us with new cutlery for our dessert. Our final dish for the night was the passionfruit cheesecake, and it was like no other. I did notice that the cheesecake was the only dessert on the menu that came with a photo. The other desserts were listed but had no photos beside them. I wondered if the restaurant intentionally provided only a photo for the cheesecake in hopes of selling it. Either way, we fell for it and had absolutely no regrets. Just from the look of our slice, we were able to see how well put together it was. 

Passionfruit cheesecake for dessert.

The crust was crumbly like squished graham crackers but it held together well. Nicole defined it as a “masterpiece of a bite” because the tangy passion fruit flavor blended so well with the cheesecake part; it melted in our tongues like ice cream. Every bite was nice and light- not dense like most American cheesecakes. The passion fruit cheesecake was the perfect airy dessert to end the evening.  

Jora’s food, service, and atmosphere is welcoming, and I was satisfied from the moment I walked in, to the moment I left. Nicole appreciated the attentive service, but she noted that our server did not wear a mask while serving us, which made her a little uncomfortable. She also felt that the portions were a bit small for the price, however we can all agree that the quality of the food made up for that. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been here more than once before and you can expect to find me here once again in the future.

Based on quality of food, service, interior/exterior design, and ambiance, our overall rating out of 5 stars is: 4.6

Background information on the restaurant:
Restaurant: Jora
47-46 11th Street Long Island City, NY 11101
Specialty: Peruvian food
Date of account: February 7, 2022
Price Range: $20-$40
Hours of Operation: 12:30pm-10pm
Contact: (718) 392 - 2033
Alcohol: Yes
Smoking: No
No reservations, walk-ins only
Live music: No
Suitable for families, large groups, small groups, and couples

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