Clinton St. Bakery Food Review 2022

Clinton St. Bakery Food Review 2022

My friends and I heard that Clinton St. Bakery was offering different specialty pancakes on certain days of February to celebrate pancake month. So we made a reservation to eat at Clinton St. Bakery on a Thursday evening to see for ourselves how good these pancakes were gonna be. When we entered, it was clear the restaurant was busy with many filled tables. But the vibes were good. After they checked our vaccine cards, we were seated right away in a booth by the large windows. Clear partitions stood between tables, and servers wore their masks at all times to follow Covid safety protocol. 

The menu had way too many delicious sounding dishes, it was hard for me to decide what I wanted to try for my first time at Clinton St. Hanging above the bar was also a chalkboard that suggested some of their specials and pies of the day, including an apple crumb pie and German chocolate cake. All their sweet and savory options seemed so enticing, but Laura, Gian and I decided we needed a little taste of both, so we split the triple berry pancakes special of the day, and the classic mac and cheese dish. 

A delicious spoonful of mac and cheese straight from the skillet.

This sexy photo of mac and cheese was borrowed from Clinton St. Bakery's Instagram account!

The mac and cheese arrived in a skillet, fresh from the oven with its top layer of cheese bubbling on the sides. It was a magnificent sight. As a big mac and cheese fan, I appreciated how fresh and creamy it tasted. The macaroni was cooked to a perfect firmness, and I was pretty content with it all in all. It was pretty good for a classic mac and cheese, but I personally like my mac and cheeses a little more sophisticated with toppings, flavor, and spice.

What we really came for was the stack of three fluffy pancakes topped with (most likely homemade) vanilla whipped cream, fresh raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. The triple berry pancakes definitely stood out to me with its lovely blend of sweetness and tartness. And if a cloud was edible I feel like it would taste like the whipped cream that rested on top of the pancakes. It was so light and airy, and it just paired so well with the bold berries. The dish also came with a raspberry sauce and a small bowl of syrup on the side. Some of us were actually caught off guard by the syrup. It had an interesting spice to it. We weren’t able to identify the taste and we couldn’t stop dipping for more. This dish was so good that we ordered another plate of pancakes and ate until our bellies tapped out. 

Clinton St. Bakery actually has an extended spot next door, only for take out orders from their bakery. I was very curious to try the baked goods they’re known for, but I couldn’t take another bite. Overall I enjoyed the dishes we tried out. We were able to tell that the restaurant was a bit understaffed by the amount of time we waited, but our server was very kind and welcoming the whole time. My friends, boyfriend, and I all want to come back to taste some other dishes off their menu.

Based on quality of food, service, and ambiance, our overall rating out of 5 stars is: 3.6

Background information on the restaurant:

Restaurant: Clinton St. Baking Co. & Restaurant 
Lower East Side NYC 
4 Clinton Street, between East Houston & Stanton
Specialty: American food, pancakes, and baked goods
Date of account: February 10, 2022
Price Range: $14-$20
Hours of Operation: Sun-Tues 9am - 4pm
Weds-Sat 9am - 9pm
Contact: 646-602-6263
Alcohol: Yes
Smoking: No
Reservations can be made with the app @resy 
Live music: No
Suitable for families, large groups, small groups, and couples


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